Just Write 3

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Just Write 3 - grade 4

Book 3 builds on the skills and features of the earlier books in the Just Write series, while introducing students to the four main types of writing - narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive - providing samples of each, and allowing students to experiment with different forms of each writing style. This book also raising awareness of the author's audience and purpose by posing the question, Why write? Single- and multiparagraph construction is also presented through creative and enjoyable writing activities and reinforced through reading response exercises and editing checklists that guide writers toward making reading-writing connections. Unobtrusive resource materials for review of basic skills are also provided at the back of the book .

Skills Addressed

Kinds of writing (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive)
Reasons for writing (audience and purpose)
Review of story elements (setting, character, plot)
Fiction, nonfiction, personal narratives
Word choice: adjectives and adverbs, similes and metaphors
Sequence and chronological order
Step-by-step processes
Summary writing
Single- and multiparagraph writing
Persuasive letters
Facts and opinions

About Just Write: Help students become confident, expressive writers. This classroom-tested resource guides students through the writing process from initial idea to final edited and published narrative.