Just Write 2

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Just Write 2 - grade 2-3

Book 2 begins with a review of capitalization and basic punctuation and then works on the nuts and bolts of sentence and paragraph writing. Later chapters focus on character and setting development and the use of creative, interesting details. Dialogue and point of view are introduced, and editing and publishing are also covered. Students develop longer, more detailed stories than they did in Book 1.

Skills Addressed

• Review of basic punctuation
• Describing words
• Supporting sentences
• Conclusions
• How-to paragraphs
• Overused words
• Comparisons
• Story planning with webs and other graphic organizers
• Characters
• Dialogue
• Point of view
• Feeling
• Senses
• Setting
• Editing and publishing

About Just Write: Help students become confident, expressive writers. This classroom-tested resource guides students through the writing process from initial idea to final edited and published narrative.