Just Write 1

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Just Write 1 - grade 2-3

In Book 1, students are first encouraged to “just write” without worrying about spelling and punctuation. Later chapters discuss capital letters, basic punctuation, spelling, indenting, and constructing paragraphs. Other chapters encourage the use of colorful descriptions, creative word choices, and comparisons. In the last chapter, students revise and edit their work in preparation for publishing a final draft. Tips for making stories into books are also provided. A wide variety of exercises and engaging illustrations keep students focused and interested.

Skills Addressed

• Brainstorming
• Categorizing
• Topic
• Sequence
• Story planning with webs and other graphic organizers
• Characters
• Feelings
• Setting
• Conclusions
• Basic punctuation
• Indenting
• Topic sentences
• Overused words
• Comparisions
• Titles
• Editing and revising

About Just Write: Help students become confident, expressive writers. This classroom-tested resource guides students through the writing process from initial idea to final edited and published narrative.