Jensen's Format Writing

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Here is the vital text for teaching structure and organization from the paragraph to the major paper. Jensen's Format Writing is concerned with developing expository writing skills for high school students. This type of writing exposes, puts forth, explains, reveals, or exhibits in detail about something. It has a purpose to inform, clarify, and perhaps even to persuade. Such writing may simply describe, or it may give a series of reasons. In any case, there is a fundamental point that is made. How that point is made may often determine whether the piece is accepted or rejected. Students completing this course will learn valuable skills. -the secret of cutting your work in half when it comes to writing a paper -how to order your presentation for its most powerful effect on the reader -a technique for getting the essence of what you read down on paper for future reference -how to stack up your ideas so that they flow together in a natural fashion -how to move ideas from sentence to sentence by following a simple rule -all about what and how to document your sources when doing research and writing