Art Adventures in Narnia

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By Sharon Jeffus


C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia are so rich in visual imagery and fascinating characters, it seems completely natural to incorporate art and crafts to bring the subjects to life. Learn and remember with hands-on projects.


Art topics include: Perspective, Shading, Texture, Using a grid, Scale, Positive/negative space, and more!


All the above art topics are incorporated with the subjects of Narnia in a way that students can express their own creativity. Subjects of Narnia covered in this book are lions, heraldry, knights, armor, weapons, crowns, thrones, portraits, printing, rabbits, beavers, gargoyles, fauns, stags, horses, trees, castes, royal accessories, birds, ancient writing, dragons, unicorns, and more\1 Take an adventure in Narnia and explore crafting projects, creative drawing challenges, and thought-provoking questions along the way.


Suggested art supplies include: pencils, drawing paper, construction paper, glue, yarn, markers, crayons, paint, clay, and anything else you'd like to use to make your artwork unique.