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Horizons 7th & 8th Grade Health Student Workbook



Want to liven up your middle schooler's health lessons? Then why not order the Horizons 7th & 8th Grade Health Student Workbook? This fun, consumable workbook from Alpha Omega Publications contains over 40 engaging student visuals and drawing activities that directly correlate with lessons taught in the Horizons 7th & 8th Grade Health Teacher's Guide. Enriching and informative, this workbook is filled with teacher-administered student activities that help visually teach health topics! Divided by unit and lesson, activities will help explain topics such as identifying personal spiritual gifts, communicating with others, being fearfully and wonderfully made, and understanding sexuality and gender differences.

And that's not all! The Horizons 7th & 8th Grade Health Student Workbook comes with perforated pages so that your student can easily remove and complete health activities! And you can administer them according to your student's schedule too. But here's the best feature. This flexible workbook, designed to be taught two to three days per week, can be integrated with other subjects or taught separately.


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