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The Brick Bible: The New Testament


For over a decade, Brandan Powell Smith, creator of popular website, has been hard at work using LEGO to re-create scenes from the Bible.  Now, in one volume, he has brought together over 1,000 "brick" photographs depicting the narrative story of the New Testament.  From the life of Jesus -- his life, teachings and parables -- to the famous last supper scene and the cruxifiction; from the fate of Judas to the life of Paul and his letters to the Ephesians; from the first book burning to the book of Revelations, this is the New Testament as you've never experienced it before.

Smith combines the actual text of the New Testament with his brick photographs to bring to life the teachings, miracles and prophecies of the Bible.  The graphic novel format makes these well-known Bible stories come to life in a fun and engaging way.

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